Happiness’ Comfort

Sequential torment,

Hardly consequential,

Open torrent,

Upward downpour, flooding the terrain of my mind with deafening silence of madness.

Mental suicide, injured in the thoughts that I construct an emotional noose with,

I’m fully equipped to damage my heart,

And left with with but a map to happiness’ comfort.


In dreams unfounded,

Nothing stops me from holding back my feelings,

To expose your life of scandalous dealings, peeling back the layers of oblivion to cross the threshold,

To escape this haunted house of feelings,

To escape the suffocatingly low ceilings; to cross the threshold,

To complete my journey across the sands,

Following the map to happiness’ comfort.


Across the vast expanse – I walk alone,

Flash memories of the paradise that once danced the hills now black,

Ashen with regret,

The pain resembling the feeling of treading on top of my own heart,

Determined to reach my treasure cove,

And call upon healing,

To unlock my treasure box,

To unlock the doors to happiness’ comfort.

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