TED Talks Overload

TED Talks are so damn deep. Feeling like these things really change my life – But what an overload of inspiration and motivation. Sheesh. How do you channel so much positivity in a positive manner?

“The 8 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful”

1. Don’t snooze today.

The way that you start the day basically dictates how the rest of your day will go. It is these first thoughts that you have that will either have you getting off to a good start or off to no start. When you hit that snooze button in the morning, what goes through your head? Is it: Woohoo let’s start the day! But let me just sleep for another 10 minutes.

Or is it: F*ck…not again. Why?! Why, does it have to be morning already?! Oh what I would give not to get up right now…that’s it, I’m hitting the snooze button. Each time that you hit the snooze button, you are telling yourself that you would be better off staying in bed — that getting up and starting your day is not something that you want to do. You begin your day with negative thinking. Negativity is a disease — don’t be the one to infect yourself.

2. Don’t multitask.

There are two sorts of things that one does: those that are worth doing and those that aren’t. Anything that is worth doing should be given focus unto. Anything worth doing ought to be done properly; if you aren’t going to give something your fullest attention, then don’t bother doing it. Not only will you produce half-assed results, research now shows that multitasking makes you dumber. So not only will your work suffer, but so will your IQ.

3. Do not give mind to those that don’t deserve it.

A person either matters to you and plays a significant part in your life or they are of little to no importance. People affect us profoundly. The words a person speaks, his or her actions — towards us or around us — their energy and state of mind all affect us whether or not we wish it so. If you ever find yourself asking yourself why the hell you are hanging out with this idiot, then you have found yourself in a situation you should not be in.

The world is full of ignorant people. I’m not one to believe dumbness to be the key underlying factor, but rather the ignorance that allows these morons to accept their idiocy, to be their true fault. If your goal is to see the world from as many perspectives as possible, as it ought to be, then you have no place standing next to a dumbass — far less to be fraternizing with one. Only spend time with those who are worth it. If you could care less, then do something else.

4. Don’t take a day off.

Now, I don’t mean from work — the more time off you are able to take and the more “you time” you can squeeze in, the better. However, you should never take a day off from working toward your dreams, toward your goals and toward the life that you wish to have. Once we get to know ourselves enough to know the life we must lead, reasons for living any other way for even a second are inexcusable.

It is understandable to do erratic things when grasping for solid ground to stand on. But if you know what needs to be done, then do it. You have no reason or excuse not to. Many times people like to “reward” themselves for holding a routine for a certain amount of time. Oh, I’ve been exercising and eating healthy for the last month… so I’m going to treat myself and eat a bucket of ice cream — but only after I finish off this rack of bacon.

You want to reward yourself by regressing to a worse version of yourself? How in the name of all that is holy is that a reward? If you have been focused and diligent, making sure not to go out and get sh*tfaced, making sure to stay up-to-date on your reading and other activities that you deem important, then reward yourself by not being a pussy and sticking to it.

5. Don’t let the you of yesterday be the you of today.

Every day of our lives the circumstances change — the world is different. Nothing ever stays the same around us, so there is no reason why we should remain unchanged. We should continuously be looking for new experiences and new aspects of life that we have yet to live. There is more to do than can possibly be done — so why stick to a rigid routine that does nothing more than allow you to get through the day?

This day is a gift, not a hurdle. We are meant to grow and change for the better — this requires learning; learning requires new information, which can only be derived from new experiences. Life is the greatest teacher — experience, listen, learn and grow.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask.

So many opportunities are lost because we simply fail to ask. We are so afraid of rejection that we don’t attempt to ask. What is the worst that anyone can tell you? No? And then what happens? You go on living your life, only the wiser for knowing that you didn’t miss out on an opportunity. Life is for the taking — the least you can do is politely ask to be given what you want. You’ll be surprised to know how many people are just as afraid of saying No as they are hearing it. Which brings me to my next point:

7. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Only you know what it is that you want and what you don’t want to have anything to do with. I could never understand the concept of people saying yes when they really want to say no. Just say no. It’s fun. Try it. NO! Feels good, doesn’t it? Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around — stand your ground. There are people out there who find no shame in taking advantage of you — and I’d hate to say it, but if you allow yourself to be pushed around, then you deserve it.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t help out a friend in need even when we find it somewhat inconvenient. There are, of course, times when we ought to say yes even when we don’t really feel like it. You must figure out for yourself when saying no is appropriate and when you are just being lazy. But if you know that it is entirely acceptable to reject someone, then reject away. Whenever it is acceptable to say no, chances are that the person shouldn’t have been asking to begin with and was only trying to take advantage.

8. Do not wait until tomorrow.

Putting things off for some other time in the future is pointless. If something needs to be done, now is as good a time as any — plus, if you get it done now, you won’t have to do it later and won’t have the additional weight on your mind until then. The more we put off the larger things, the chances that we will find ourselves swamped with more than we can handle.

Not to mention… tomorrow is never promised. It would be a shame if you decided to hold off on doing something important to you only to never get a chance to do it. This is the essence of life — a certain end at an uncertain time. Squeeze every drop out of life while you still have the strength to squeeze.


I’m lazy to reference properly so… In case you wanna read the full article: http://elitedaily.com/money/entrepreneurship/the-9-things-that-you-should-not-do-today-2/

How to Eat Noodles Like a Boss


An American Coach in London: NBC Sports Premier League Film featuring Jason Sudeikis

Watch the Premier League on NBC and NBC Sports Network starting Saturday, August 17th.
Coach Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) has just arrived in England to coach the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur, and he’s realizing it’s football… Just not as you know it.


Photographed by Craig McDean

On That TDE

Little Dragon – Sunshine

Love the Absolut product placement. The groove is just too catchy to even begin to play the Indie/ Commercial cards here! Just enjoy!

Megan Fox’s Secret Passion | Windows 8: Acer Aspire S7 Advert

Ha! Who would’ve expected this?

Haven’t found anything on the ad agency yet, but when I do, I will update this post. Quite frankly even if I didn’t – I’d still wanna buy this beastly gadget! WOW! I chuckled at the fat guy who wouldn’t let go of Megan’s hand though! Hehehe

Anyway… Have your say!

Ford B-Max Advert

Here is the new For B-Max advert. I must admit that when I first saw this advert on Sky Sports during half time I thought, “What a lame and crappy advert – Who does that? Who expects us to believe that? I was a little vexed and promised to blog about it.

When I went searching for the video I found the “Behind the scenes” video uploaded alongside it. Man oh man has that viewing changed my perception of the car.

Core marketing principle: “Take the one brilliant thing/ key feature of a product and communicate it in an innovative and amazing way.”

What are your thoughts? Would you buy one? Is the message communicated in your opinion?

Smirnoff #Yoursforthemaking from Chrome Productions on Vimeo.

Smirnoff: £7m #YoursForTheMaking Campaign 2012

The TV ad, called “nocturnal awakening”, by JWT New York launches across Western Europe this week.

It features a series of decadent images including people taking showers in glitter and a piano being filled with ice and Smirnoff bottles.

The narrator says, “We invite the creators, the curious, the yearners, all aiming to make a mark on the night with sound, flavour, texture and sight.”

The ad ends with the line, “Go make the night. It’s up to you.”

The campaign, which will be rolled out globally next year, is using influential individuals in the UK music and nightlife industry to identify new nightlife ideas and experiences.

These ideas and experiences will be shared globally by the brand across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag #yoursforthemaking.

Smirnoff will then run a series of “Nightlife experiments” in the first quarter of 2013, born out of consumers’ ideas shared within the campaign.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, marketing manager, Smirnoff Western Europe, said: “Smirnoff has been pioneering new and unique nightlife experiences throughout its history.

“Now, with ‘#YoursForTheMaking’ we are asking our consumers to unleash their own inner spirit of inventiveness in their drinks and nightlife choices in order to have an even better time.

“We are working with leading nightlife curators to inspire and facilitate innovative new nightlife ideas, which continue to challenge conventions and inspire people to try something new.”

JWT New York’s executive creative director Ben James worked on the ad, with art director Eric Larkin and copywriters Alexis Reid and Visha Nguyen.

It was directed by Nima Nourizadeh and produced by Partizan. Profero handled the digital work.

– excerpt from: http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/news/1153157/



Recently visited: http://www.redcowhills.com – It’s a Hot New Website about all things country, western, & southern. The site has a really fresh, slick, edgy style to it. Made me listen to the music on it all day and it’s not your regular hick-fix – there’s real commercial stuff like Yelawolf and Travis Barker, all the way to Owl City. Let your fingers click the button and let your eyes and ears enjoy.

Felix Baumgartner’s 128,100ft Free-Fall From The Edge Of Space

Felix Baumgartner furthers scientific research and pushes the boundaries of human capabilities. A truly inspiring feat – one which all can be proud of. Congratulations Felix and team. Well done.

“In January 2010, it was reported that Baumgartner was working with a team of scientists and sponsor Red Bull to attempt the highest sky-dive on record.[9] Baumgartner initially struggled with claustrophobia after spending time in the pressurized suit required for the jump, but overcame it with help from a sports psychologist and other specialists.[10]

The launch was originally scheduled for 9 October 2012, but was aborted due to adverse weather conditions. Launch was rescheduled and the mission instead took place on 14 October 2012 when Baumgartner landed in eastern New Mexico after jumping from a world record 39,045 metres (128,100 ft) or just over 39 kilometres (24 mi).[10][11] On the basis of provisional data, Baumgartner also set the record for the highest manned balloon flight (at the same height) and fastest speed of free fall at 1,342 kilometres per hour (834 mph) making him the first human to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle.[12][13] Baumgartner was in free fall for 4 minutes, 19 seconds, just 17 seconds shy of his mentor Joseph Kittinger‘s 4 minutes, 36 second record from 1960.[12]” – Abstract from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Baumgartner

Apple – iPhone 5 [TV Advert series]

Great ad series even though the phone hasn’t really changed much. I’m giving a thumbs up to the “Cheese” advert though. WOW! Now, let’s just wait for Samsung to come and blow them out of the water and pay Apple it’s damages in Monopoly Money now. Hahahahahaha!

Abstracts from: http://www.youtube.com/user/lionsriweb <— The Commercial Videos

“Apple has unveiled its first three ads for the iPhone 5, along with an ad for its redesigned EarPods headset. These ads first appeared on the iPhone 5’s launch day, Sept. 21, 2012.

All the ads have single word names. The first one is called “Thumbs.” It describes the design of the iPhone 5’s screen as being related to the length of your thumb, enabling you to make a windshield wiper-like swipe across the entire screen.

There were two reasons posited for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen size. One was that Apple wanted to maintain a smaller device size. The other was that Apple wanted to maintain the ability to use the iPhone one-handed.

The “Thumbs” video shows that capability is still maintained, with the new screen size. As it says:

Your thumb, it goes from here, to here. This bigger screen goes from here, to here. Now that’s either a, an amazing coincidence, or b, a dazzling display of common sense. Pretty sure its the common sense thing.

Introducing the iPhone 5, with EarPods — designed to sound better and earshaped to fit better.

Introducing the iPhone 5. Now taking beautiful photos in panorama is as simple as saying “cheese”.”

PokerStars Rafa Nadal – All In [Advert & Campaign]

Watch the new PokerStars We Are Mobile TV spot featuring Rafael Nadal engrossed in a game of poker on his smartphone as he walks the streets of Barcelona totally unaware that scores of fans are gathering and following his progress.

See the culmination of the campaign at: http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/rafa-nadal/

Personally, I don’t like the advert much. It’s so cheap and loose, the ad agency must’ve ran out of time or just failed to hit the mark here. It’s still catchy enough to get people who love Rafa to talk about it and poker (I wonder whether they achieved their objectives on this one) but I also feel that the advert sneakily plays off Adidas’ “ALL IN” campaign. Well played on that front.

Yaris Hybrid 2012 – ‘Silence The City’ [UK TV Advert]

Paraphrased from: http://blog.toyota.co.uk/new-yaris-hybrid-tv-ad-silence-the-city

The compact Yaris Hybrid supermini is now appearing on television screens across the UK in a brand new Toyota TV advert, entitled ‘Silence the City’.

The film focuses on the Yaris Hybrid’s innovative petrol and electric powerplant – using a famous song from the 1980s to help it do so… But can you name the tune? (If you can’t it’s: The Proclaimers – 500 Miles)

The ad premiered on 1 July, but you can catch watch it now by clicking on the video (ABOVE this post):

The smallest – and most affordable – full hybrid available in Britain, the new Yaris Hybrid has all the smart features of the current Yaris, plus the brilliant fuel efficient technology made famous in Prius and Auris Hybrid. Now that’s worth proclaiming.

The new Yaris Hybrid launches in the UK in summer 2012 and is available to order now.

To find out more about Yaris Hybrid, visit Toyota.co.uk.

Skittles advert – Midas Touch [Advert]

Pretty cool ad. Was done a while ago but it’s still good enough to be aired again on TV. The only things I don’t quite agree with are the dryness of the jokes and also the voice over at the end – so far detached from the ad it’s kinda creepy. LOL. I’d hear his voice in my head if I picked up a pack of Skittles.

Toyota GT86 – The Real Deal [Advert]

A man trapped inside a fake CGI city discovers a Toyota GT86 from the real
world. He feels alive for the first time and decides to make his escape.

To find out more information on the GT86 visit http://www.toyota.co.uk/GT86

To become a fan of Toyota on Facebook herehttp://www.facebook.com/toyotauk

Extract taken from: http://www.saatchi.com/news/archive/toyota_gt86_the_real_deal <—- Big ups to them. This ad is well-worked!

Toyota GT86: ‘The Real Deal’

London – Toyota is launching a multi-million pound advertising campaign for its GT86 sports model. The “Real Deal” campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, celebrates Toyota’s return to its sports car heritage and reflects the rave reviews the GT86 has received* for offering an exhilarating, authentic driving experience.

Launching on 17th August with a 60 second TV spot, the “Real Deal” dramatises the story of a CGi man who has become tired of living in a superficial, artificial world. A 90 second edit (You’ve got it up top already) will be seeded online with prominent automotive and entertainment blogs, and Youtube masthead and pre-roll activity will follow. Cinema spots are planned to coincide with the release of the new James Bond film, Skyfall.

Saatchi & Saatchi worked with some of the world’s best animators to create a computer game-style city, which in the words of the animated hero, is one of “pixels, pretence and driver assist.” The hero turns to the underworld in his search to feel alive and finds the Toyota GT86, which he uses to break free of his dissatisfying, inauthentic existence and escape into the real world.

The ad is set to the Edith Piaf track, “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”, and is directed by Stink’s Adam Berg, with animation by Digital Domain, the Hollywood digital effects house founded by James Cameron.

The campaign will be supported by press and will run until March 2013.

Paul Silburn, Creative Partner, Saatchi & Saatchi says: “We’re extremely excited about the launch of the GT86, and the accompanying work, which will continue to help build an even stronger brand profile for Toyota.”

Lisa Fielden, Brand and Digital Marketing Manager, Toyota GB plc says: “These are exciting times for Toyota. This car marks the start of a new chapter and the communications reflect this, summing up the essence of this car perfectly.”

*Autocar, What Car?, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, EVO and Top Gear amongst others.
Notes to editors


Client: Toyota
Spot: “The Real Deal”

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Silburn, Kate Stanners
Copywriter: Rob Potts
Art Director: Andy Jex
Planner: Tom Callard
Producer: Kate O’Mulloy

Production Company: Stink
Director: Adam Berg
Producer: Ben Croker

Animation, Visual Effects: Digital Domain
Chief Creative Officer: Ed Ulbrich
Executive Producer: Scott Gemmell
Visual Effects Supervisor: Vernon Wilbert
Visual Effects Producer: John Kokum
Visual Effects Coordinator: Cody Shelley
Computer Graphics Supervisor: Ron Herbst
Previz Artist: Niles Heckman
On-Set Integration, Tracking: Michael Lori
Rotoscope: David Wilson
Character Animators: Greg Breitzman, Anthony Rizzo, Althea Suarez Gata
Character Rigger, Digital Artist: Tim Petre
Digital Artists: Bekah Baik, Casey Benn, Dave Carlson, Greg Gangemi, Robert Kim
Effects Artist: Ken Jones
Compositors: Scot Hale, Dave Takayama, Ned Wilson, Niles Heckman, Soyoun Lee, Marcel Martins

Flame, Compositor: Jeff Heusser

Postproduction: MPC
Audio Postproduction: Wave
Music: Edith Piaf

Playboy – Pleasure In Your Hands [Print ad]


Pleasure in your hands – Playboy Campaign

Creators:  Neogama BBH – Agency based in Brazil

The agency’s mandate was to tackle the growing decline in magazine sales – possibly due to internet access increases. The agency came up with this print-campaign to drive magazine sales – nicely backing the medium and using it highly effectively. A little sleazy in the approach but some may say it’s ‘cutting edge’ and ‘ballsy’. 

5 Euro Commemorative Coin [2008]


http://pythonide.blogspot.it/2008/10/how-to-make-money-with-free-software.html for the more information on the creative process and more on the reason for the concept. I love designers.


Jooze – Packaging Design by Yunyeen Yong, Australia


Jooze is a fictional company that manufactures fresh fruit juices, catered especially to kindergarten and primary school students. It is a company that believes that healthy eating habits should begin at a very young age.

The shape of the logo is inspired by the shape of a sliced fruit, and the handwritten typeface used is to portray a sense of fun, hands-on personality and characteristic that appeals to kids and toddlers. The logo also consists of singular bright colours, which may vary depending on the flavour of the juice. This would hopefully be a recognisable icon whereby children can relate and connect to the brand.

A simplified illustration of the fruits are to further clarify the flavours, to add visual aesthetics, and to appeal and connect to the target audience.

The juice box is shaped in an unconventional way to incorporate the essence of the logo, to gain instant recognition from the audience, and to capture their attention, especially if this product is placed alongside other juices on the supermarket shelves. – extracted from: http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2010/09/jooze-student-work.html

KONY 2012 – The Aftermath & The Questions Being Asked

FACTS: ‘KONY 2012’:

  • Viral youtube video made by the charity ‘Invisible Children’ targets the alleged Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony

  • The 30-minute film ‘Kony 2012’ racked up 50 million views in the first four days

  • The video highlights abuses blamed on Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army

  • The International Criminal Court has indicted Joseph Kony for war crimes

  • The charity wants to raise awareness of Kony’s alleged human rights abuses

  • Kony’s Army is accused of committing atrocities in four African nations

  • The Lord’s Resistance Army is listed as terrorist group by the US

  • The Army is notorious for kidnapping and using children as slaves

  • Kony is accused of being behind the 2009 Makombo massacre in DR Congo

  • ‘Kony 2012’ is criticised for US intervention plea

  • ‘Invisible Children’ is facing criticism but denies it has misused charitable donations




What’re your views? 

Cool fact

American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class.

Project X (The Most Epic Plot – Trailer)

OH MY ***************!!! I need to go and see this movie. Hahahaha! Just look at the trailer…


Despicable Me (Stream This Movie)

I am absolutely in love with this movie. I’ve seen it a gazillion times and I’m not gonna stop there. So much smart stuff about life in here. Animations are the best!!!

@TrueyMVT – 4orty7even Mixtape


There it is. The much anticipated birthday mixtape from SA new comer Truey Donatello. Man’s been making waves in the industry for some time now. I’m sure you’ve heard Mid City Bop (Prod. BSK) banging on the radios lately.

This is the come up we’re witnessing here folks.

Dropped 4hrs ago – Use the link above to download the tape. A banger with bars that’ll take you back to playschool (LOL).

“Hello I’m here, Truey Donatello, the alarm clock” – Wake Up In Pluto.

Do yourselves a favour and check this tape out. Follow him on Twitter: @TrueyMVT. Like his fan page: http://www.facebook.com/TRUEY.DONATELLO.

Something to get you in the mood while you wait for a 100 on that download.

Support from Rome Tru.


Beach House – Master Of None

Weeknd Fans will notice the influence and the BALLOONS! hahahaha! House Balloons took it’s whole identity from here it seems. I love it. Branding at best, no?! I dare you to disagree. Lol!

All artists spring off others. Truth! Liberation through transformation uh?

Sick concept, lovely execution, catchy and super chilling song. Pity they weren’t really COMMERCIAL big! A lot of acts go unnoticed that way.

HeyPenny: Story of the catchy song advertisement

Thanks to the cunning work of @selectablemedia. This video is in your face and all so catchy. Brilliant but oh so simple marketing scheme I must say. Check out this video and tell me you wouldn’t wanna find out who it was after clicking on a site to watch a movie or download a song. HeyPenny released last year … Get their album for free at noisetrade.com or by filling in your info in the above widget

PSVita > PSP3000

Ha! For all you gaming fans. Here is what Sony have to offer in terms on a PSP upgrade. Pretty sick if you ask me.

How to Shave Your Balls a Lesson from Gillette. Hahahahahahahaha!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Ads like this right here. Check out the whole series if you have time. Suggested videos will lead you to the lake.

A decision

I’ve been writing lyrics lately. A lot more than i have in the past. My question is this…. Should i start a new blog just for my lyrics? Do I even want a blog? Hmmmm


Less Rubbish | More Consciousness


Quite a chilling advert. I saw it and it immediately gripped me. We’re losing it as humans. We really are. Anyway, do your little bit for the future… just THINK!

As I prepare to dream

All you hear on MTV Cribs is, “This is where the magic happens” hahahahaha I chuckle all the time at that point… Truth is, it really is, at least for me, in my head! #Dreamer #Believer

Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize Cereal Advert (Dubstep Advert)

The dubstep track is A New World – Mord Fustang.

Fresh Dressing/ Fresh Living

From the world of fashion, something for both the men and the ladies. Personally i’d cop a few of these things. For my lady and for myself. Fresh living, fresh dressing. If we’re going to live then we should live in style. no?!

3D art | I feel good today | Niels Bruschke

3D art – I feel good today

2010 World Cup Merchandise

I thought this was soooo coooool!

Volkswagen – 2012 Passat – The Force Ad

Hahahaha! This advert is well done. What a way to sell the random, arb, quirky feature!

Contrex – Contrexperience


2011 Consumer Trends

Which ones do you think are true?

#DearMike Is your BBM working?

The most scripted and insincere apology i’ve ever seen/ heard in my life wow!

Google Doodles

I just noticed it was Ray Charles’ birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY) and I thought hey, why haven’t they got a Google doodle?

Green Screen Memories


Beautiful Colour Scheme! Beautiful Face! Rihanna – Loud!

Rihanna knows all about presentation.

When Will This Exist?

+Jaw to the floor+


Manchester United Fan #TeamMUFC #Fail


One Of The Best Manifestos I’ve Ever Seen

You guys seriously need to click this link.

Appreciate the clarity, the creative flair and how brilliantly it is controlled!








Billboard | Outdoor | Homeless People

Brilliant Outdoor effort! Hard-hitting

Social Marketing Woes – For All My Brand Enthusiasts

The big question. The uncontrollable doubt

Ad of the Day: Dirt Devil (MUST SEE)

How to sell a product on its functionality. Well done Dirt Devil, WELL DONE

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Daring Ad!

Forget trying to change perceptions. How about using them to reinforce your business promise and protocol. WOW!

Pushing the Watch-making Frontier | I’m Watch (Preview)

Incredible functions for the first smartwatch in the world.

Pringles Loudspeaker Promotional Giveaway

Pringles did a number on Europe with this one.

For a promo giveaway the speaker is pretty good quality.

Pringles TV Ad July-August

Gotta hand it to Pringles. This ad is pretty cool.

Sells the experience. I like it a lot!

AndroidTM logo = #UnderratedCool

I’m really in love with the AndroidTM logo!

Cristiano Ronaldo Pushes The Castrol Edge Brand & His Limits

The film will premiere in Madrid, Spain in September 2011. Fans will be able to meet Ronaldo in person at the event.

Elysium – Online Magazine

Hi everyone! Do check out my new magazine

#Tweet —> “@khayadlanga: Facebook is like the side chick of social networking. Twitter is the main chick”

So true! I remember the days when I used to update my Facebook status about every 2-30mins and now… Well, Facebook’ll be lucky if it sees me once a month.

Campaigns Campaigns Campaigns

Some of the funniest and most creative campaigns around. Using public spaces to foster interactivity is possibly the most amazing idea of the century.

The Creative Resume

The human potential for creation and design is endless and downright beautiful.

What Nonhle Thema, Charlie Sheen & Kim Kardashian Have In Common

I’m immediately reminded of the recent outbursts by South African celebrity Nonhle Thema via her twitter profile (@Nonhlethema)

Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold

This is a must see for all who are in branding and advertising.